Starting August 1, 2017 I have 6 months to wear my whole* closet.

Anything I can’t or don’t wear in that time will automatically be donated or, if of value, sold to consignment shops with a portion of proceeds going support Hurricane Harvey victims in my home state of Texas.

Why 6 months? I needed the challenge to span as many seasons as possible to be able to wear all the clothing!

I'll post as many of the outfits I can here and on Instagram to prove I'm actually wearing them. [You can weigh in on whether they're worth keeping too.]



If I complete my mission in time, I will also make a $1,000 donation to The Bottomless Closet.


The following items are not part of the challenge: Underpinnings, socks, athletic wear, formal/cocktail wear and shoes, accessories (that’s probably my next challenge!) and sleep/lounge wear.


-If it doesn’t fit or is mega unflattering, it goes.

-If I hate it, it’s uncomfy, and I cannot stand to have it on my body, it’s out.

-I can repeat-wear clothing if I want. It’s on me to get everything worn!

-I can shop/buy new items if I want, but they’ll just be added to queue of clothes to wear.

-I’ll post every outfit and you can help decide if it should live another day.