How the hell did I get here?


Have you ever had that experience of staring into your closet before you get dressed? You scan the contents as your eyes glaze over, some T-Swizz song looping in your head. Suddenly, with a final “Shake it off!” you snap back to reality only to realize you’re still nakey and your Uber is arriving in 4 minutes? Welcome to being me.

When attending an event this past winter required me to change out of my sweats, I immediately went for my black, distressed IRO sweatshirt, splatter painted J-Brands and warm Frye moto boots. I picked this outfit because it was a) mostly black b) comfy yet cute and c) still on my bedroom floor from the last time I wore it.

So, what’s the problem?

Why am I wearing the same 3 items again and again when my closet is stuffed to the max? Why should I have all these pieces if they’re not being used? It’s not like I’ve never done a clothing “purge.” But some items just seem to be eternally stuck in my closet, like the dress I wore the first time I met my husband. Or the Henri Bendel top I bought 15 years ago when I had zero dollars because my bestie worked there and used her 40% discount. Or the Zara button-downs I have 3 of because they were $20. I can’t handle it anymore. Especially when so many people out there are in need and there's so much clothing waste int the world.

It’s time to use it or lose it. (And by "lose it," I mean "donate it." That just didn't rhyme.)

Why not try a Capsule Wardrobe, Lindsey?

A recent trend some have recommended to me is to create a Capsule Wardrobe, where you have 37 pieces of clothing (only!) that can all be mixed and matched to create different outfits. MY ISSUE: This idea gives my creative brain hives. The idea of being so limited (and very confined to neutrals I might add) feels terrifyingly claustrophobic. I have mad respect for those that can do this. It’s just not for me. I think you can have as many pieces as you want/need, you just have to, you know, wear them.

Hey! What about Marie Kondo’s Magical Method?

Many have recently raved about the KonMari method, which encourages one to hold up clothing and talk to it to see if it sparks joy. If not, you bid it farewell and send it off on its merry way. MY ISSUE: I will lie to it. I would say EVERYTHING sparks joy, because why else would I still have it?

Thus, I developed this challenge, the true torture test of being forced to wear almost everything I own in order to know if it’s worthy of keeping. And, since I just entered into my last year before the big 4-0, it really feels like something I have to do. I’m beyond ready. My husband and I are talking about starting a family.

It’s time to clear a new path, and I believe the entrance is through my closet.