Back In Biz


I love a good crisp, white blazer. As my good friend and creative partner, Monica, says "They just make ya feel fancy!" Amen. They also really pull any outfit together. Like on the days you try to pass off a shorts onesie as "work appropriate." I mean, I do work in advertising but I still attempt to keep it kinda profesh. This jam got a lot of compliments and was perfect for a spontaneous night out straight from work. My husband said it reminded him of "Working Girl." I decided to take that as a compliment as well. This H&M onesie, Rebecca Minkoff silk blazer and Maiyet sandals have one thing in common: they're all new. Yep. Not great for the challenge, but some great wardrobe staples. Sometimes you gotta give a little to get a little. Or....something like that. 

OutFIT or NoFIT?: Keepers!

Lindsey Kaufman