Long Summer [Skirt] Dayz

One of my big closet issues is skirts: 

I love to buy them, I don't love to wear them. 

Honestly, they're just more difficult. Skirts require more thought than just throwing on a dress or jumper and running out. Proportions have to be correct, colors have to match, then there's shoes and....ahhhhh. That's how they end up on the floor, unworn. Not anymore. [Thanks, Closet Challenge!]

I've been avoiding this H&M skirt for awhile, for those reasons and also the fact that the elastic waistband is, for no apparent reason, SUPER tight! But I had to try, so on it went this morning. I was uncomfy at first but got used to it (sort of). I wore a cropped tank (also H&M) tucked in and threw on some mules. That was actually not hard at all! Well, except for that dang waistband. 

The shoes (which are hard to see in this cool pic my hubs took) were another problem. They're Belle by Sigerson Morrison and I've had them for years. It's great that I forced myself to wear them again to know that a) they're not really my style anymore b) they're nowhere near as comfy as I remember. 

OutFIT or LeaveIT?: I'm going to see if the tailor can do anything about the skirt's trying-to-suffocate-me waistband. If so and it's relatively cheap, she stays. If not? She's goin' to the OUT box, alongside those shoes. RIP, SigMo's.  

photo by Dan Palan

photo by Dan Palan

Lindsey Kaufman