Overall, I'm Obsessed

My BK 'hood has some awesome vintage signs like this one that I love.

My BK 'hood has some awesome vintage signs like this one that I love.

Overalls were a big trend in the 90's. I had a rather bulky pair from the GAP that I'd rock across my Texas college campus, one shoulder unhooked of course because, that's chic right? My mother loathed them. She also called them "coveralls." The trend has made a comeback in the past few seasons but I've struggled because they're just rarely a flattering look. Until I found this pair by FRAME denim. They've got stretch in them so they hug curves, accent the waist and have a cute, short flared hem. I LOVE these and have probably worn them 100 times. And, although my husband enjoys asking me how my apple crop is doing or just flat out calls me "farmer" when I wear them, I give zero cares. They are always complimented by those in the know! 

I like to pair them with a femme heel or sandal when I can so they don't look frumpy. And, for the same reason, my favorite under-piece is a fitted cotton tank, weather-permitting. Today was a little nippier, so I threw on a blush leather jacket and it gave more polish to the look. I'll have to remember that trick...

OutFIT or LeaveIT? My love for these overalls runs as high as the orchards my husband imagines me harvesting fruit from. 

Lindsey Kaufman