All The Feels For A T-Shirt And Heels

I completely hijacked the idea of a t-shirt, skirt and heels from my bestie, Jen, aka Jendel. It's her signature look and one that makes so much sense. Sometimes you want to wear a fun, flirty skirt but you also don't feel like being so fancy schmancy. Which is exactly how I was feeling today. We're still milking the warmth so I burrowed into the back of the closet where all my skirts hide from me and pulled out this high-waisted midi I got from ASOS in 2013. Yeah, I remember the year but only because I actually wore this to Jen's rehearsal dinner with a crop top—the abdomen was having a serious moment then. I'm glad that's done. So is my abdomen. 

I wanted to feel put together but still casual today and then BAM! I remembered this cute graphic Oahu tee I found awhile JCREW. I know, what the hell was I even doing there? Good store, just not my jam. I was with a friend who shops there so while she cruised around I went scavenging in the sale rack and found this lil' cutie. It looked vintage and it was $8.99. I don't love that it's a poser t-shirt and want to replace it with a real one, but I got it for the very purpose of wearing with fancy skirts. So, mission accomplished.

It was also a great opp to wear these sups cute Philip Lim sandals that wrap around the ankle or possibly even up the leg (not my pref). I love the unique heel and the fact they're nude but with a black sole and bottom. I got them 2 years ago on a Shopbop sale and still love them like they're new. 

Also, it looks like I'll actually get the chance to find an authentic Oahu shirt since we just booked a trip to Hawaii in December for my 40th! I'm calling it Hawaii 4-0 and I'm already peeing my panties with excitement. AHHHH! Going there has been a lifelong dream.  

OutFIT or LeaveIT?: I wondered about the skirt, but I still think it looks good and is a great multi-occasion piece to have around. The shirt stays until I replace it in December. Who wants dibs? Aloha!

Lindsey Kaufman