A Dress That Comes With A Side Of Guilt


Are you ready for your daily Lindsey weather report? Great! Today was a whopping 88º here, which has to be some sort of record for October 10. Again, I’m not complaining as I’m a Texas flower who loathes the cold. But this unexpected #summerfall is really making my challenge ever more, well, challenging. Trying to adapt warm weather clothes to a fall vibe ain’t easy day after day. How do you warm climate people do it year round? RESPECT.

I begrudgingly pulled out this green Velvet by Graham & Spencer shirt dress I’ve been hard core avoiding. It’s also a dress that comes with a case of serious Jewish guilt. My mom bought it for me last spring when she was visiting (she likes to take me shopping, I never argue). I was carrying around a few extra lbs then—15 to be exact—and I think I liked how roomy and non-form fitting this dress was. I figured I could jazz it up with heels and ‘cessories, so home she came with me. And home she’s stayed for 5 months. EEK.

Growing up, my mom made us do dreaded bi-yearly closet cleanouts. If ever we came across a shameful article of clothing that still had a price tag on it? Well let’s just say the Wrath Of Mom was released. I’d be punished which usually manifested in me not being allowed to wear jewelry the next day. (Yes, that should tell you how long I’ve had a problem).  Anyway, that’s kinda how this dress makes me feel. AND, it’s from my mom to boot!

I wasn’t sure if she’d even make it out of the house but I actually thought it was decent looking and would, at very least, be breezy on a sticky-icky day like today. I sweetened the deal by attempting to draw attention from the dress by using accessory trickery in the form of my beloved magenta suede Dolce Vita slides (a shoe I recently adopted after realizing my love for its twin pair I have in metallic silver--PS. they're half price right now!) and some H&M tassel statement earrings in a pretty wine color, which I’ve also decided is going to be my new color for the season.

at least my happy shoes found their happy place.

at least my happy shoes found their happy place.

I felt pretty good as I strolled into my new ad gig this morning, plus I got lots of compliments on my shoes and earrings—zero on the dress, which might be an indication. Then, upon looking at today’s picture, I exclaimed “AHHH! I’M WEARING AN ARMY GREEN TRASH BAG!” Sadly, several Intsta-followers concurred.

OutFIT or LeaveIT?: I think we’re looking at a Grade A OutFAIL here, people. Sure, it’s not awful. But that doesn’t mean it’s good, right? In the spirit of the challenge, this little lady is off to greener pastures. Army greener pastures. Sorry mom, I’ll do better.

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