Layers On Layers

I had another early-ass morning today made even more pleasant by a late-ish night last night, out for my good friend Kate's bday with a bunch of rowdy chicks. I loathe when last night hurts today. But, the show had to go on, and so did my clothing this morning. I was SO tempted to wear my favorite black jogger pants look but forced myself to go the non-sweats route.


I was coming through my closet for something black because, naturally, I was also getting spray-tanned today. I have my bestie Candice's fancy birthday bash tomorrow night and nobody wants to be blinded by my pasty legs. This was a great excuse to wear this black, double-side-slit tank dress I got at H&M last summer. I usually don't like shapeless dresses (although my perpetual food baby does) but I thought this one was still chic and didn't resemble a mumu. I wore it many times last summer and forgot about it this one.


It was definitely a little chilly this morning, and kind of all day, so I put on my yummy soft grey hoodie that was swag from my good friends at Union editorial a few years ago. I've almost worn it down to bare threads at this point! But it's just the right weight to slip right underneath my black leather jacket, which is a great way to get warmth and attempt to look cool.


My trusty Converse completed the look because yesterday's new booties also gave me new blisters. I probably deserved them. Man, I love these shoes. I wonder how many brides wear Converse on their wedding day?

OutFIT or LeaveIT?: This isn't the world's most special dress but something comfy and easy that also works for more than one season is definitely worth keeping. H&M FTW!

Lindsey Kaufman