The Outfit I Could Literally Wear Errrrry Single Day

This morning I had an early-ass appointment in the city which meant zero time would be devoted to my wardrobe or dressing like a human person. I'm a night-owl which means I’m the opposite of a morning person, aaaaand a gnarly beast in the early AM. I also knew I’d be running around, sitting and schlepping a lot so I really had to be comfy. Enter my most favorite outfit (outside of PJs or workout wear): the black fitted jogger pant, leather jacket, cool sneaks and white tee combo.


I got these joggers (not my only pair, but definitely the most public-appropriate) from Lululemon last year. They have pockets inside of pockets, which is really just like joy inside of joy for me. The leather jacket is probably my most-worn article of clothing. It’s from Amarcord Vintage and they make them in-house. Michelle Williams has the same one, as does my bestie Jen. I highly recommend it. I might die if it ever breaks.  

The shoes are some random brand that suckered me in last winter via some Insta Ad. They’re called TI:ME slippers and I have to say, they’re damn comfy and also chic. The inside feels like a shearling jacket and they don’t require lacing. SOLD.


The super-soft tee is from American Eagle, where I go to stock up on affordable but quality tees and basics.

And of course, I painted on a bright red lip {NARS, of course} to make it look like I tried. Hopefully people fell for it. I’m so comfortable, I don’t care either way.

OutFit or LeaveIT?: Um….it’s basically PJs mixed with athleisure and my favorite jacket ever. So, pretty self-explanatory here.

Lindsey Kaufman