All The Fall Feels


The slight nip in the air made me strangely excited today! Generally I loathe any weather below 70 degrees, but I think I am officially SO OVER my summer wardrobe I was thrilled at the thought of mixing it up. And of course wearing something I've been eager to put on.

side slit way too slitty

side slit way too slitty

I found this Free People asymmetrical top on sale upon a sale on Shopbop not that long ago. Yes, that's still called shopping. However the fall/winter season has me constantly wishing I had more cute, warm and comfy tops and this one fit that description so I gave myself permission to chaarrrrge! I really love her yet didn't realize how dramatic (read: crazy huge) the slit on the left side is. UUUGE. Free People sometimes does weird shizz like that and, since I was definitely not feeling like flashing my muffin top to all of Manhattan today, I shoved in two large safety pins and ran out the door. That's an issue I'll need to address. 

I put on my skinny AYR jeans I recently purchased and have worn 9x already and liked the way their frayed hem worked with my shoebooties. I got them from Sigerson Morrison 2 years ago— before they closed their Nolita store. Wahhh. Although probably a blessing for me. 

The bag was an "emergency" purchase at H&M about 2 years ago as well when the tote I was using for my laptop broke in the middle of 5th Avenue. Dick move, tote. Luckily I found this bag and it was all FRINGE. In case you haven't been made aware yet, I'm obsessed with fringe-y things. Sometimes I have to double check that I'm not wearing fringe on fringe before I leave the house. Some might call that a problem. I think it's an opportunity. 

A rare hair-back moment caused by my hair being full of product from Saturday night's soiree inspired me to wear these big labradorite earrings I got at a fave boutique, Meadow, in my hometown San Antonio. 

OutFIT or LeaveIT?: Sadly most of these things are fairly new purchases except for the shoes and bag, so I'm still very excited about them and they're not going anywhere! Except maybe the tailor to have that damn slit un-slitted a little. 

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