Another Day, Another Black Dress


This dress is the epitome of old AF. I can see myself wearing it on a date B.D, (Before Dan aka hubs.) It’s some odd vintage-y thing from Urban Outfitters which I have probably not set foot inside since circa 2011? With my life in BK I feel like I need some version of Suburban Outfitters but for people who still hope they’re cool. Either way, this thing has to be 6 or 7 years old. 

But I get why I still have it. It’s just a simple midi length racer back black knit dress—the kind of piece you never feel the need to get rid of. A basic LBD that isn't super short or slutty comes in handy pretty frequently, so I decided to take her for a spin today. 

Since I had some city walking to do (and my feet are still destroyed from Saturday) it was Adidas or bust. Sidebar: why hasn’t someone invented street-stable bedroom-type slippers yet? Hello, MISSED OPPORTUNITY. 


It was back to SoCal weather today so I didn’t need a lot of layers. I put on this H&M blazer you may recall me wearing recently when I hated what I wore that day and bought this to replace it. I tried on SEVERAL layers to go over this dress and I'm happy this blazer was the winner! I was surprised all over again by how great the cut and tailoring is, it totally elevated my sneaks look. 

My hair was unruly this morning, hence the funky half-bun. And a nice bright lip and green fringe earrings are always a great antidote to my dark under-eye circles. 

Lindsey Kaufman