Who Ordered The Sauna?

It's days like today that people are overjoyed they have a holiday. Unless you're the people who don't. Not only did I have to do work, I had an early-ass doctor appointment in the city and had to dress for the day since I was meeting up with my friend Meredith who I met in 3rd grade in San Antonio and was friends with through high school. She now lives in Alaska (yes, that's correct) and is in town with her mom and sisters, so lunch was in order. We hadn't seen each other in 20 years, so you'd usually like to take that opportunity to look your best, right? Tropical Storm Nate had other plans for me (and my hair. Mostly my hair). 

This weather—damn, I talk about the weather more than old people!—is really tough on clothing decisions. It's wet but it's one schmillion percent humidity. So you'll probably be sweating, but then you might freeze once you hit A/C. So I decided to keep it simple. These AYR stretchy skinny jeans that were a recent purchase and a slouchy Helmut Lang shell I got last summer on the Real Real for like $20! 

Now for footwear. Sneaks aren't always the look I'm going for. But neither are cold wet feet. I went with something in the middle, these Vince perforated slip-ons. These are my 2nd pair, as I wore the first ones to infinity (but not beyond). I painted on a NARS red lip with one eye open at 7:30am, threw on fringe-y earrings and ran out the door.

I grabbed a denim jacket just as I left....but you don't see that here, now do you? NERP. I caught my reflection in a store window and haaated it. The proportions were all wrong and it had wilted in the misty weather, along with my hair. (Which also expanded to 3x its usual size. Sups cute.)

friends since 3rd grade!

friends since 3rd grade!

I had some time to kill and wandered into H&M just to see if anything felt like it my improve my look—and my mood—but would go beyond a one-time, impulse buy. Voila! I found this knit blush blazer that fit unexpectedly well. And it had cute matching stripes on the lining, which I love. And it was $38 bucks. SOLD! I instantly felt so much more polished and excited to see my friend. Moral of the story? Maybe look in the mirror with ALL your clothing on before you leave the house. Maybe. 

OutFIT or LeaveIT?: While I'm not thrilled I bought something I don't technically need, I do think it's a solid wardrobe piece that will see a lot of action and I felt really good in it going to see my friend and her fam. All the other garbs are good to stay in my closet!

Lindsey Kaufman