Learning To Fall-ify

On a recent post, my friend and designer Whitney Mero [Onion] commented that she hadn’t noticed and Onion designs on my feed so far. And she knows—I have quite a few. My friend Deb introduced us 7 years ago and I’ve been collecting her unique, striking jersey knit numbers ever since. But many of them are maxi sundresses I had filed under “summer,” and technically it’s now fall. However today was 77º and sunny and only the changing leaves knew it was fall. But I didn’t want to wear something that felt so summer-y this late in the season either. Then I realized I was thinking about my clothing all wrong!

I grabbed my fave Whitney design, a green striped maxi that has a very sexy back from my closet. I threw on some camel-colored perforated Dolce Vita boots I’ve had for at least 4 years and put a denim jacket on top. (On colder days I might swap that for a leather jacket.) Voila! I just managed to extend the wear of something I truly love. My mine—and my closet just exploded. I also felt like I was channeling Deb who is the MASTER of layering. She’s like a friggin’ fashion lasagne. I’m so glad I had the opp to see my wardrobe from a whole new angle.

*I want to note what a sad day this has been. Waking up to the news of the Vegas tragedy was shocking and horrific. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

I also have to mention how heartbroken I am over the loss of Tom Petty. He was one of the greatest of our time and, amidst my sadness, I am beyond grateful Dan and I were afforded the opportunity to see him live this past summer thanks to my bestie Beth. It was such an amazing show and we all marveled at how amazing he still is. I hope he's out there free fallin' into something wonderful.

Lindsey Kaufman