The #Summerfall Shift

As our awesome #summerfall continues, so continues my mission to fall-ify my wardrobe. Today’s victim: a silk shift dress. I bought it (on sale, obvs) at a boutique in my hood called Diane T. Note: I’d basically never buy anything NOT on sale there. Anyway, the shift dress is a magical invention I strangely never utilized until recently. It’s appropriate for work or play, daytime or evening, elongates legs (with proper shoes) and camouflages all those other middle parts. I also appreciate this dress fits me no matter how my weight fluctuates.

I threw this mustard yellow faux-suede Zara moto jacket on over it and I love the pop it gave the whole look. Truth talk: this jacket is new. BUT, she’s a classic piece of outerwear that I know I’ll use the crap out of. And c’mon-- how cute is she?

I paired it with a pair of Belle By Sigerson Morrison 2-way booties I got about 7-8 years ago. Well, at least I meant to. Here’s some more truth: I am waaay past the point of traipsing around the city in heels full time. It’s just not conducive to my lifestyle, not to mention not even possible at times. So I always have a back-up. And today, I was so happy in them I forgot to change! But I actually think both work with the outfit, so that’s a relief.

OutFIT or LeaveIT?: Everything stays! Bo-rinnng I know, but don’t worry. There’s some big fails headed your way soon.

Lindsey Kaufman