Do Cooking And Ponchos Mix?

Our weekend was stacked with lots of fun plans (and several not fun ones like the grocery and home projects). We went back to Industry City with our good friends and fellow foodies Bryan & Erica to take a cooking class on Japanese Street Food. Naturally I thought that meant I should wear a poncho. 

I still hadn't transitioned my closet yet the weather got a little cooler and breezier so I dug into the scary basement pile and the first item out happened to be this fuzzy soft poncho. My parents come in town from Texas 1-2x a year and my mom and I usually go on a shopping frenzy. One of her favorite places to hit was Loehmann's, basically an old-school version of a TJ Maxx or Marshalls. I grew up going to Loehmann's with my mom and learned quite a bit from their communal changing rooms as a young child. Their stores in San Antonio closed years ago so my mom loved our annual mecca to the Chelsea store here. 

This poncho is a result of one of those jaunts, probably 5-6 years ago. It's so old it doesn't even have a label anymore, but it's fuzzy, soft and neutral which is probably why it's stuck around for so long. It also has a hood which is a fun idea that I never ever use. 

I couldn't figure out wtf to wear it with (or remember how I've worn it in the past) so I went for the easiest option: Jeans and a plain ol' white tee. Citizens of Humanity jeans I've had for a over a year and one of my trusty American Eagle white tee's. Sidebar: This challenge has shown me I can really use a solid amount of awesome white tees in my collection. I can't believe I've found something I actually need more of. 

I used this outfit as an excuse to wear my fave Dolce Vita ivory booties again which are fast on their way to becoming off-ivory. Hmph! 

I found that ponchos are not the best attire to wear when trying to cook (and wear an apron). There were some flammability concerns? Lame. So I had to ditch it for class, but it was a fun piece I'd forgotten about and I know I'll continue to throw on this season when I need a little something extra. And, since Loehmann's here is now closed (RIP) and has become an insanely gorgeous Barney's btw, I'll always have fond memories of my mom and I shopping when I wear this. 

OutFit Or LeaveIT?: The poncho shall continue to poncho! 

Thanks to Dan Palan for the awesome pics! *swoon*

Lindsey Kaufman