Tag, You're It.


Today's 71 degree weather made me feel very conflicted. The Texas girl in me is thrilled to be warm on a day we usually aren’t. It feels like gaming the system (and also like the Earth is broken which maybe isn't awesome). But the Closet Challenge girl is hella worried. With this globally warm fall, I fear I may never make it through all my cold weather wear! 

Hence, another excellent excuse to go closet diving to the depths of the untouched. And by untouched I’m actually serious—today’s outfit is brought to you by another tag-on item: this Zara white button-down. You know how you see something and you’re like “Ooh, I should really wear an item like that?” So you buy said item. Then it hangs sadly in your closet forever because guess what? That item is SO not really your taste. Just an idea you were exploring. Well, Dora needs to stop exploring.


I know why I bought this shirt. With the placket detail at the top, little gold button details and nicely tailored stretchy cut, it’s a cute riff on a basic white button down, a wardrobe staple for most. Clearly, I am not most. However the price tag is was my most aha moment: it was only $35. There’s no real pressure to care when you’re investing in a piece. (See also: yesterday's dress.) But when a piece is a sort of let's-roll-the-dice with no financial consequence? Well heck, I’ll take 2! (Which I obvs did. I have the same one in blue stripes. Tag still on. FML). 

I will say that once dressed, I liked the look! I felt grown up and somewhat chic in the crisp button down, yet the jeans and shoes still very much represent my personality. And I got several compliments at the office today. Maybe what this is all about? Getting a little push to shake things up.

At the halfway point in this challenge, I have already learned so much. But yesterday and today's tag-on incidents have told me so much about how I was consuming clothing—and how I wish to proceed differently in the future. Investment pieces are a great thing because you really have to LOVE something to commit and justify the cost. Of course, not all pieces need to break the bank, but I still need to love affordable items just as much. Those are my new rules moving forward. And I'm sure I'll be adding to that list. 

Jeans are beloved AYR's that I only got recently and have easily worn 10x. The shoes are Isabel Marant Etoile I got on GILT a couple of months ago and j'adore them! 

OutFit or LeaveIT?: This button-down was a pleasant surprise. I always knew I liked the idea of it but it took being forced (literally—I'm seriously running out of clothes for this bizarro weather) to put it on my body to know it works as a piece of my wardrobe. 

Lindsey Kaufman