A Lil' Bit Country, A Lot Rock N' Roll

Over the weekend, my band, Tatters & Rags, played a couple of brunch gigs in Williamsburg. In addition to trying to sing at 10am (I can barely speak before 9am) I also had to attempt to look decent. Since my band has a self-described "Electric Honky Tonk" sound, I decided plaid was the obvious choice. 

This Madewell top (that I've already worn, if you'll recall) is great because it's long enough to be worn as an almost-tunic which means one thing: LEGGINGS. I pulled out these brown pleather Aritzia leggings I got last year after wearing a pair of black ones I got there 2 years ago to death. I have to say, the pleather legging is a thing of genius. I regret ever investing in real leather pants years ago—so unnecessary! Although when I went back to buy myself a new black pair (and got upsold this brown pair), the salesperson insisted I get a size smaller than I thought I was because they stretch and she claimed the bigger pair (that felt WAY more comfy) would eventually sag. I chose lack of sagging over comfort that day, but these babies were TIGHT AF for the longest time and I was simultaneously scared of them and pissed at that salesperson. But, they have recently started to relax! So, salesperson: you were right. I'm sorry. 

In the same theme, I decided to wear these Frye boots my mom bought be as a gift about 3 years ago. I think I've worn them 3 times. I didn't even put them on last season because I had the idea that they were uncomfy. Guess what? They're not. Maybe they just needed to be broken in, but they're great now and I'm so glad I gave them another go. 

It was a wee bit chilly out, so instead of a coat, I opted for this fur vest my mom gave me several years ago. I consistently wear it each season and thought it was a good addition to this getup plus it helped keep me from being confused as a Williamsburg hipster.


Lindsey Kaufman