The Art Of The Trapeze [Dress]


Today it was just me, my shadow and my trapeze dress. Also some nice mild fall weather in which to wear said dress. 'Cause let's be real—I cease all dress activity under 50 degrees! 

About 2 years ago I had a really easy freelance gig that basically allowed me to plan my whole wedding while at "work." In my hours of internetting, I somehow ended up on the Madewell site and found a few cute fall/winter items, including this dress. It's so easy breezy, looks cute with tights or boots and always fits since it's nice and roomy yet still chic and streamlined. Plus I love me a short skirt! Legs are my asset so, as long as they still look decent, I'll keep on wearing the high hems.

As much as I try not to gravitate towards black clothing, there's definitely proof that staples like these will be timeless faves. I've probably worn this dress 10-15 times which I think supports that theory. 

Speaking of timeless, these boots are so old their designer doesn't even exist anymore! Does anyone remember Té Casan from the early aughts? They had a huge store in Soho on West Broadway that always seemed to be having a sale. Which was lucky for a generally broke shopaholic in her 20s. I still really love these boots and find that they always work! I've probably had them resoled and fixed up about 20 times in their 12 year tenure. I hope they keep on kickin. 

And yes, that is a bolo tie. Y'welcome. 

OutFIT or LeaveIT?: The dress and the boots came to play and they're not going anywhere until they decide to shut down on me. 

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