Easy-breezy Is My Steez-y

Even though this challenge was conceived in winter, I wanted to wait until summer to start it since I loooove summer and much prefer the clothing that comes along with it. It might also have something to do with being from South Texas. Warmth is just my thang. 

I started a new freelance gig today and wanted to look cute but not to fussy, plus the outfit had to be suitable for an 85º day. After many discarded options ended up on our bed, I ended up in this: Soft, army green drawstring joggers from Anthropologie (a place I never shop but got stuck near there in a downpour last summer and voila!, these happened.) paired with a silky white ASOS v-neck blouse that has definitely seen better days [hi, stains!] but is just so damn perfect I haven't thrown it out. The block-heel sandals are Belle by Sigerson Morrison, a store I loved to frequent in my Nolita days. They have held up well and are even more in style than they were when I bought them! Pop of color earrings by Free People, tiny fringe bag by Rebecca Minkoff, sunnies are Marc By Marc Jacobs

In my BK 'hood. 

In my BK 'hood. 

OutFIT or NoFIT?: I was happy with the look of the outfit although the pants stretched and stretched as the day went on and gave me that droopy diaper feeling by the end. BUMmer, but I think they gots to go. I love the top but, as mentioned, it's stained a bit and needs to be replaced. So I'll search for something similar and hang on to it 'till then. 

Lindsey Kaufman