How Am I Doing This?

I don't want to say this challenge is "hard"—getting a Phd or solving global warming or understanding the series finale of Lost—now those are hard. But this is definitely an undertaking. And something that could get way out of hand if I don't have some sort of system or way to track what's been worn and what has not. Luckily, I've devised one! "Devised" makes it sound super scientific smart. It definitely is(n't). Here's how it's gonna go:

Closet Tracker

I'm going to employ the REVERSE HANGER TRICK.  

The first (and worst) thing I have to do is take almost every single item out of my closet. Can. Not. Wait. Then, as I put all the hanging clothing back in, it goes in with the hanger BACKWARDS (ie facing out). Once something is worn, the hanger gets turned around. So simple yet so effective. 

Shoes & Other

The hanger trick obvs does not work for shoes and my terrifying t-shirt/tank top drawer and jeans, which are folded in a cabinet. So these items are all getting "tagged" with colorful mini-clothespins. Whenever I wear a tagged item, I get to remove the clothespin (or forget and look super cool rockin' that look around town). Clothing left with pins gots to be worn...or else!

What Else? 

I'm also going to attempt to make a spreadsheet of everything or at least amounts of clothing, ie. 4 black blazers (no that is not an arbitrary example but a sad truth) so I can view everything on paper since my closet is not that big and it's hard to see it all.  TBD to whether or not I actually do this. 

Hey, What About Your Summer Clothes And Shoes?

Oh yeah. Those. They're all packed away nicely (stuffed) into bins in our basement. When the weather changes I'll have to do the dreaded, abhorrent "Changing Of The Guards" and quasi start this process over again. Hopefully by then I'll have fewer winter clothes to pack up!


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