Friday Funk

Last night's Sturgill Simpson show was bananas. Seriously, life-changing. Also life-hurting, as in I stayed out too late and was possibly over-served. {gulp} Today was a rough roll and one of those days where you just want to wear mushy clothes, huge sunglasses and a baseball cap, like a celebrity in rehab. 

I could only conceive of putting one item today, so this Dolce Vita dress was the winner! It's easy, comfy and requires no bra. DONEZO. I found it on GILT a few years ago and have consistently worn it every summer. I also could not conceive of any kind of heels so I strapped my trusty Chucks on and flew out the door. 

Not my best. But at least it wasn't athleisure. I'll call that a win. 

sippin on some syzzzurp, aka Pedialyte

sippin on some syzzzurp, aka Pedialyte

Lindsey Kaufman