Gone Country


Yeehaw, I'm kickin' up my heels because we're seeing Sturgill Simpson at Radio City Music Hall tonight, a show I've been waiting to see for 7 long months! If you don't know him, you best get Spotify'in. He's a modern twist on the classic (read: good) country western music of days past. It's not twangy "I lost my dog and my truck broke down" kinda stuff, I promise!

Anyway, in homage I decided to add a little western twist to my getup today. Also, upon hearing the first day of fall is in NINE days (eek!) I wanted to try to wear this little white dress before it's too late. So I found a way to make it more of a transitional piece by adding these suede western-y boots I found years ago at some random store in Soho. They were cheap and they're semi-falling apart, but of course I love them. The LWD is a t-shirt dress from GAP—I can't remember the last time I shopped at GAP for anything other than undies, so this must be at least 3 years old. YAY! I topped it off with this silk "bandana" scarf I got from Nordie's last year. 

Upon glancing in le mirror, I wondered if I had gone way too western today. Literally that same minute I heard on the Today show "The hottest new trend for fall is Western-inspired wear!" WHOA, NELLY. Could I be more on trend?! 

OutFIT or LeaveIT?: I'm pretty happy with all of these pieces—plus they're all great separately and together. Thanks, closet challenge!

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Lindsey Kaufman