Shifting Gears In A Pinch

You should never pack for a weekend away at 7am, hungover and in the pitch black dark because your (also hungover) spouse is still sleeping. Alas, that is what I did. And it did not go very well. I didn't even pack a brush! Nor did I pack enough clothes to wear for the weekend. We wanted to try out a cool new restaurant in Rhinebeck called The Amsterdam for dinner.

pic by Dan Palan. House by  Sloane Klevin

pic by Dan Palan. House by Sloane Klevin

I wasn't thrilled with my clothing options, however, during the day we cruised around Millerton and I found a supercute store called Base Camp where I found this perfect black shift dress and it was ON SALE. The shop owner, Mimi, and her adorable dog Dallas were a delight to hang with and, even though buying more items is not exactly shopping my closet, sometimes it's necessary. And, this is a staple closet piece that I know I'll wear again and again. Did I mention it has POCKETS??! If you ever want me to buy anything, just put pockets in it. I'm a pocket slut. 

I also want to give my hubs a shout out for all the rad pics this weekend. Our friend Sloane's amazing country house also provided endless inspiration and super cool backdrops for the shots.

OutFIT or LeaveIT: Welp, it's brand spankin new! So...yeah. It stays.  

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Lindsey Kaufman