Jeanskirt Or Jeanshurt?

One of the things that actually made it into my weekend bag was this Won Hundred high-waisted denim skirt. I bought it a year ago while shopping with my bestie at Bird Brooklyn, an awesome (albeit NOT cheap) store with very special, well-curated pieces. A great denim skirt is absolutely splurge-worthy as you can do so much with it. That is, assuming, it FITS. I do not recommend shopping immediately after your wedding (if you lost some lbs for it). Every shopping excursion is like a Pretty Woman moment—every piece you put on looks incredible as you twirl in the dressing room mirror while that classic Roy Orbison song plays in your head. 

photo credits: Dan Palan aka hubs

photo credits: Dan Palan aka hubs

I wore this denim delight many many times last summer. Then, inspired by the cute girls I was working with in March, I attempted to wear it again over black tights with a blazer. Looked fantastic! Felt HORRIFIC. I actually had to go buy a pair of "relief" pants during the day because I couldn't bear to sit in it. I've been avoiding it ever since but just tried it again because, as I've mentioned before, I worked super hard this summer to get back to a weight I'm happier with (see: NOT post-wedding weight, that's just not sustainable).


I also happened to have this fringe-y scarf (has anyone noticed I kiiinda have a thing for fringe?) in my bag because it had been hanging around the office in case my bandana look didn't work out the other day. I thought it jazzed up my basic Alternative Apparel tank and complimented the look nicely. The hat I borrowed from my friend Sloane's house may have taken it a little too far, but I'm cool with that. I've never been afraid of a little excess. Clearly, that's how we got to this challenge!

The skirt-dict? She definitely fits better! The true test will be if I can sit around all day and be comfy, but I'm definitely not ready to part with this lil' denim dame yet. Get ready, winter: we'll be trying that tights look again.

OutFIT or LeaveIT?: The skirt stays but she's definitely on a "watch list." 









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