PJ's All Day


Today's weather was a humdinger. It was cool in the morning, then hot, then humid, then sunny and then gale force winds blew in crazy rain and it was cold again. So...that's fun to dress for! Luckily I'm working from home this week and only needed to go out for a few hours. Unluckily, that meant dressing like a presentable human being. 

bright fringe earrings: H&M

bright fringe earrings: H&M

Since I went out in the sticky, humid portion of the program, I couldn't bear the thought of anything touching me. I have a few dresses for just these occasions (also for extreme bloating and for when I know I'm going to eat like a football player and instantly develop a food baby). I affectionately refer to them as "bag" dresses.

I reached for this pretty navy, silk one I got [on sale, natch] this past spring at Otte in my former Nolita nabe. This dress, from their own label, is amazing because it somehow doesn't wrinkle {sorcery!} and looks super polished, like I really tried. However it feels like a nightie. I threw on these Maryam Nassir Zadeh slides that are basically like slippers, so there you have it: glorified PJ's for the win. 

OutFIT or LeaveIT?: Sleepers are keepers, baby! And yes, I'm still wearing all my favorite things first because I don't wanna lose them. Can you blame me? I definitely feel an outFail coming soon though...

Lindsey Kaufman