Rippin' It Up In Gowanus

Fun fact: depending on who you ask, we either live in Carroll Gardens BK or Gowanus. Doesn't that name just have a lovely ring to it? Gowaaaanus. Yep. For years this canal behind me was a legit superfund site (think: Chernobyl, environmental pollution, contamination station). I guess they've cleared that up seeing as there's a gigundo Whole Foods next to it and a bazillion high-end high-rises going up with "water views" (umm..."stinky canal views" might be more aprops). 


Anyway, I took a stroll to check out the sunset yesterday and was pleasantly surprised I made it there and back in these Sigerson Morrison shoes. In case you have noticed that name popping up a lot, I used to live a block away from their store. Hence, LOTS of SigMos are still living in my closet. I haven't been able to part with these olive green babies and I'm glad—I still dig 'em! 

The James Perse bouse was something I found at least 5 years ago at a cool (no longer with us) concept shop in Soho called Treasure & Bond, secretly owned by Nordstrom. I remember thinking this was a lot to spend on a blouse then, but lo and behold, it's still with us. And not covered in stains! That might be the most remarkable part. 

Last but never least (except for in fabric) are my J-Brand jeans. I think they're about 7 years old, I have no recollection of even buying them, but I DO know they were just "normal" jeans back then. Then, they started to fall apart. Are they are metaphor for life?? All I know is I LOVE them. They are my "Sisterhood Of The Fluctuating Weight Pants." It's bizarre, but somehow they just always fit, give or take 10lbs. And they've progressively gotten more distressed over time. Pretty soon, there may not even be a right leg.


If you're like me, you understand these jeans. Guess who doesn't?  OLDER MEN. My dad once referred to them as “swiss cheese jeans.” My former boss, a country farmer dude in his off-time once stared at the gaping hole over my right knee for a good minute before asking if I was “too hot and looking for a way to cool off.” He followed that by telling me he could easily make them by using battery acid. I thanked him for that tip. My father-in-law recently greeted me in horror with "What happened on the way over here?!" On another occasion, a homeless man took serious notice of them, worthy of a Facebook post.

OutFIT or LeaveIT?: I'm holding on to these items until they die on me. I really hope the jeans didn't hear that and get any crazy ideas...

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Lindsey Kaufman