White Pants? White Not!

It felt great to be back in NY today after freezing my tush off in Colorado. Although the summer feel here is truly bananas—as in fried bananas, which is what might happen if you drop one on the sidewalk. Yeah, it's hot. And humid. I'm DEF not complaining, but it does make the wardrobe sitch even more of a conundrum. 85 degrees in late September? Challenge accepted. 

I decided to put on another fear factor item today: these white J Brand wide-leg trouser jeans that I've been afraid of. I bought them to wear during my wedding weekend festivities and have been hiding from them since. I bravely put them on, one leg after another, and THANKTHELORD they fit. I really couldn't have dealt with the bad feelings associated with a no-button situation today. It also helps they have a smidge of stretch to them. On top I went with this black knit H&M ruffle sleeve top (you may recall it's white twin from this previous post). I tried to tuck it in...nerp. Hideous. So out it stayed. Shoes took a few tries too, as the pants are really long (not a normal thing for me) so I went with some of my highest wedges, metallic strappy Seychelles sandals. 

I felt like we needed a little excitement up top so I put on some black and white earrings from H&M. I also wanted to play with a new red lipstick I got from NARS over the weekend and I felt like the outfit needed a pop o' color to add some pizzaz. 

OutFIT or LeaveIT?: I'm pleasantly surprised that the pants fit and looked/felt pretty good (for now). They are definitely on the watch list though. And they should probs be hemmed. Maybe I'll try to rock them again in colder weather with a cute bootie.

special thanks to hubs Dan Palan for this slammin' series of pics

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