Giddy Up, It's A Denim Roundup

Checking out the fried taco action @Smorgasburg.

Checking out the fried taco action @Smorgasburg.

Even though my jeans don't live in my closet, obviously they are still part of my wardrobe...and they're some of the clothes I'm dreading most to try to wear all of. Because, yes—I have a lot. I'd call it a "denim collection." And I doubt I'm alone. It's cold here for like 9 months of the year! It's jeans or bust most of the time. But do I need this many? NOPE. I've done a few jean-cleans recently but still, I need to do more. I have them spanning 3 different weight fluctuations, stretchy, ripped, flare leg, skinny, cropped even jeggings...AAHH.

#Habitualfail:  here they are in their painted on, barely buttoning and refusing to zip glory.

#Habitualfail: here they are in their painted on, barely buttoning and refusing to zip glory.

Wednesday I actually tried to put on these Habitual jeans with my outfit. #FAIL. I got them when I took an "emergency" trip to visit my bestie Jen in LA after a crappy break up. And, of course, I was teeny-tiny thanks to the Breakup Sadness Diet. I've recently lost some weight and figured I'd have no problem shimmying into these babies. WRONG. I cannot even fathom how they got on my body. So they're out!

Today, I donned these McGuire jeans, a label I'd never heard of before but found on the sale rack while on a spring girl's trip to Charleston, SC. They are a little baggy on me now (see aforementioned weight loss) but I still think they're cute and, hey—winter is coming, and probably 5-8 more lbs along with it. I topped them with this super mushy JCrew linen t-shirt I've had for ages and a striped linen blazer from Forever 39 (my version of F21) that I recently rediscovered hiding in my closet. 

I decided I need some color so I painted on a strong red lip by Nars (Jungle Red) and these vintage Candie's wedges I inherited from my former mother-in-law. And guess what? I got compliments from BOTH ladies at the Poké place we got lunch today! 

OutFIT or LeaveIT?: Obvs ditching the Habituals but the rest is good to stay for another go round!


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