Brightening Up A Difficult Day

Every 9/11 I reflect on that horrible Tuesday 16 years ago that forever changed our city and our lives. We lost our trust, safety and thousands of innocent people. I wanted to take today's picture with the Freedom Tower because it stands tall as a symbol of strength and perseverance, and makes me feel happy and proud of our city whenever I see it. 

I wanted to wear something that makes me feel happy to brighten up the somber day a little. I found this skirt at Maje for my friend Sexy Sue when we were shopping a few months ago. Then, I decided I had to have it too. I really love it and have worn it with heels, sneaks, graphic tees and a silk tank. It's a great versatile piece and I know I'll prob wear it with a turtleneck or sweatshirt and booties when the fall chill blows in.

Today I didn't want to be too fancy, so I grabbed this Rag & Bone t-shirt I found last winter (sale rack find!) while shopping with my friend Cheech. Even on sale it was still a bit more than I like to spend on tee's but Cheech convinced me I wouldn't regret it—and she was right! A perfect fitting white t-shirt is something you can get so much mileage out of.  [However I've found good tee's at AE, F21, and H&M too!]

I brightened things up with these Maiyet canary yellow sandals my friend and style diva, Tania, passed along to me since they didn't fit her. I love them and hope they last as long as I want them to. 

Shopping and sharing with friends may seem vapid, but it's actually special bonding time and something that makes me smile on a hard day like today. Sending love and hugs to everyone in this great city we call home. 

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Lindsey Kaufman