Getting Worn Out!


Today I did something amazing: I WENT OUTSIDE. Yep, it's a balmy 41º today so I forced myself to put down the fuzzy boots and back away slowly. I still have a few regular boots I haven't worn yet so I pulled out this gray pair I've had for at least 6 years. They're a product of my Nolita days when shopping was dangerously close and I was forced to pass Sigerson Morrison just to go to the drugstore. I love their 70's vibe and not-too-high heel.


The cable knit sweater (ITCH FREE!) was an H&M purchase from 2ish years ago that's been a great staple. It may also be the only pink thing I own. 

The McGuire Denim jeans were adopted off the sale rack at a cute boutique on a girl's trip to Charleston a year ago.


I can never seem to resist discounted designer denim! It's definitely an issue I'm working on, I promise! 

Lindsey Kaufman