A Cold Weather OutFAIL!

adios, itchy amigos.

adios, itchy amigos.

It's minus one schmillion degrees today (just like it was yesterday...and the yesterday before that), so I went sifting through what's left unworn in my closet for a sweater. Guess what? It was slim pickins! I guess I've gotten rid of most of them because they were too warm {see: subway strip-down} or too itchy—as I've mentioned before, I now know that even 1% wool will make me jump out of my skin. That eliminates a LOT of options. I also have several cashmere sweaters because I thought those were "safe" and it turns out NERP! Those are, tearfully, now living in the donation station pile.


I pulled out this Rag & Bone sweater I've been avoiding for 2 cold months now. As you can see, she's boxy n' boring, but also: 50% MERINO WOOL?!?!?!? How could I have ever let that happen? Sometimes soft sweaters are deceptive and I used to not diligently check labels. But that person is dead, she itched herself to death! This was a consignment store purchase where I was clearly in the shopping "frenzy" state of mind, seduced by a good brand at a great price. I've definitely learned my lesson. Buh-bye blue blahs, you're off to the resale shop!

Also, this may be my last post for awhile because I AM NEVER GOING OUTSIDE AGAIN. 


Lindsey Kaufman