In The Bling Of Things


Why does Friday always feel like the hardest day of the week to get dressed? Oh yeah because I’m tired and nothing outside of sweatpants is remotely appealing.

I may have even *tried* the dressed-up sweats look but I had a client meeting, aka I had to dress like a grown-up human. My current wardrobe options are really dwindling now since I haven’t done the dreaded seasonal switch over (since the seasons have not yet decided to switch over). I felt like wearing a blazer because it always looks chic and pulled-together— and because there was no way I wasn’t wearing jeans. But I needed a cute top and I needed it fast.

Then, this greenish-bronzey sequined top beckoned to me. Lindsey...stop ignoring me...boooooo (that's me pretending it's a ghost). I love to ignore this top because I’ve had it for at least 7, possibly 8 years. It’s from J Crew, where I shop 0.0% of the time. I think I got it at a post-holiday sale when sequins were in full bling swing. I have almost gotten rid of it about 8 times but somehow she's persisted and I was shocked and thrilled with how the sequins worked with the whole look! I think for this top to succeed in an everyday scenario it’s important to pair it with things like ripped jeans or a blazer to tone it down and show “Hey, I’m not tryin' to go to a cocktail party here. Just a regular person wearing sequins to work y’all!”



I tried on a few blazers and the one that worked best was a Rag & Bone jacket I recently inherited from my friend Candice after her post-move closet clean out. Score! I really didn’t want to take on more clothing but I mean, who in their right mind would say no to a perfectly chic black blazer?

I grappled with shoes but went with these wine-colored faux velvet Zara loafers I refer to as my “smoking shoes.” I feel like I’m channeling Heff in these and may need an ascot and a Bunny to go with them some day.

OutFit Or LeaveIT?: I'm so happy to have rediscovered this little gem. She can be a tad on the itchy side but if I don’t wear her alllll day I’m fine. The shoes are new and I love their look but they totally violated my “never but cheap shoes” rule and they hurt, like a cheap shoe. I don’t own anything like these and was scared to commit to a nice pair so these were like training shoes. But I love them so I might need to donate these and upgrade to a real pair.

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