Stormin' In Stretchpants

This weekend my parents visited from San Antonio. My mom is down for seeing countless Broadway shows (she saw 2) and museums galore. My dad? Well those are just expensive naps for him. So, since #summerfall was still in full effect, I decided to take them on a little road trip a few hours north the Storm King Art Center. It's an open-air museum on a sprawling 500 acres and it is crazy amazing. 

Since we were going to be in the car for awhile (way longer than I even thought, thanks NYC traffic!) I knew my outfit needed to be comfy. But I also wanted to look decent since we were going to a cute restaurant in Cold Spring, NY for dinner. And, since I still have not yet began digging into my colder weather wardrobe in its scary, scary container in the basement, I had to search my closet. Instead, I searched my dresser drawers (loophole!) and discovered these Zara printed stretchy pants. I usually wear these a LOT during colder weather with long sweaters or tunics and boots. They're cute and comfy—what else could I want from clothing! 

I pulled out this Monrow v-neck black tee I bought last year when shopping with my friend Cheech. It was on sale but still more than I'd prefer to spend on a tee. But Cheech said "It fits great, you'll wear it all the time." Guess what? Cheech was right. Investing in a perfect basic is always a great idea. This tee came in handy because it's fitted but also long enough to make the proportions work.  

Of course I had my all-time fave Amarcord vintage leather jacket with me (barely needed it) and my Vince Blair perforated slip-ons. This is my 3rd pair of these and I highly recommend them as a super comfy yet stylish shoe. And a red lip, so I could match some cool AF giant sculptures. 

OutFit or LeaveIT?: The pants shall continue to dance! They are definitely starting to break down so I don't know how long they'll be with us. Before they keel over, this might be the kind of item I should be on the lookout for since it's clearly the kind of piece I'll reach for over and over. 

Lindsey Kaufman