Say Hello To Business Pajamas


I've been freelancing for a supercool soho ad agency recently. The CEO is a woman of impeccable taste and style and I complimented her leather pants the other day, only to have her tell me they were not, in fact, leather (just appeared to be). She also told me she calls pieces like that "Business Pajamas." She's Scottish, so she also said this with a brogue which made it EVEN better if that's at all possible. Be still my PJ-loving heart! 

As you may have gathered by now, I like to wear anything I can get away with that's soft, comfy yet looks stylish and pulled together. NOW I HAVE AN OFFICIAL NAME FOR IT. I'm really only mad I didn't think of it myself. 

A bloatation Monday after a lot of decadent weekend eating is most certainly an occasion for Biz Pjs. I dug into the scary crowded back of my closet and produced these soft, gray joggers I found at some random point (2 years ago?) at the GAP. I usually like to pair them with this (also soft) darker gray tank from Zara, where I'm finding 90% of my wardrobe was born. It's a cropped top and that helps to keep the overall effect not too voluminous or bag-tastic.

It was a smidge cooler today, so I grabbed yet another gray, soft piece: this 3.1 by Philip Lim knit blazer I found at INA (fave designer resale shop) 2-3 years ago. I wondered if it was too much gray but I liked all three tones together. I put on my fave black Chan Luu necklace I found in NOLA before my wedding and my super dark gray Sigerson Morrison booties. Boom! PJs suitable for the Public. 

Do you PJ in your own way? I'd love to hear. 

OutFit Or LeaveIT?: I mean, c'mon. It's BUSINESS PJ's! Everything stays, and possibly on my body for sleeping in tonight. 

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