From Business Pajamas To Actual Sweatpants


Tuesday night some friends and I went to my good buddy TJ's latest endeavor, an East Village bar called Loverboy. My plan was to only have a drink or two and make it an early night. Some of that happened. 

While we were there the Dept Of Health decided to crash the party (this has happened to me at 2 other places before, so maybe I'm the jinx?). When they come a'not knocking, the establishment is forced to suspend any service but beer or wine. However TJ has the genius invention of wine-on-tap. So every time my glass got a little lower, I'd look back and it was magically refilled. You can imagine how good this felt upon waking up Wednesday am. Sidebar: In college, excessive drinking usually led to a lovely lights-out coma sleep for 10 hours. Now, I have 1 glass of wine too many and I'm up allll night. RUDE. 


It was a yucky morning and I knew there was no way "real"clothing was being worn. So I threw on my fave Lululemon joggers which are a nice cut and fabric, so they don't actually look like I'm gearing up to binge watch a series. A slouchy J Crew tee was the first thing I found to put on top. Great! And then I actually pulled out a jacket I don't think I've EVER worn. It's from the Express-- when the hell did I go there? I have zero recollection, but I'm not a snob! Everything must be worn and this moto-style jacket was surprisingly cute AND, more importantly, comfy. 

I threw on these Ash booties that I bought about 3.5 years ago and decided I didn't like, so I tossed them in the back of my closet. Then last year, I changed my mind. I DO like them! Really really like! And I can wear them for a whole day of commuting and walking around and not want to cry. Those plus some distracting gold earrings made me feel like I had pulled the look together and away from looking like loungewear. 

But seriously—Business Pajamas need to be invented. Who's helping me?

OutFIT or OutFail?: I noticed the joggers starting to sag a little in the booty area (NEVER experienced that before!) so I may need to replace these with a better-fitting pair that I can continue to pretend are real pants. 

Lindsey Kaufman