Sweatshirts Aren't For Sweating Anymore


Anytime I come across an embellished sweatshirt, I'm pretty much done for. What a perfect way to say "I'm chic, unique, and also comfy AF and not trying too hard." Well, that's what they say to me, anyway! 

I came across this Isabel Marant Etoile sweatshirt at my fave designer consignment store, INA when shopping with my mom last month and I just couldn't say no. I'm definitely trying not to shop right now but when you find something like this, it's BUY or REGRET. And I don't believe in regret! So far, I've worn it like 3x and it probably would have been more but I don't have that luxury right now!

I could have easily thrown it on with jeans but I thought these Aritzia faux leather leggings I've had for 1.5 years (HIGHLY RECOMMEND) would be a nice compliment to the bronze discs. 


And, to complete the Isabel Marant circle of life, I threw on these suede boots I found on Gilt (currently unsubscribed!) last spring. 

OutFIT or LeaveIT?: I'm in decent shape right now (still riding this past summer's mega diet) so I can wear these leggings this way, but I know that's probably unrealistic for future! Either way, I really like the way these pieces worked together in a very autumnal way! They stay!

Lindsey KaufmanComment