Shrug It Off

Today was one of my frequent "AHH I NEED TO WEAR MORE OF MY JEANS" panic days. My jeans cave is a dark and scary, scary place I like to avoid at all causes by simply wearing the same few pair over and over (and over). 

Today I reached in and pulled out this pair of Rag & Bone jeans I somehow managed to acquire about 4 years ago when I lived near a store. I must've not worn them for at least a year or two so I had no idea how they'd look or fit. Turns out, I like 'em! I really like 'em! Color me surprised. 

A basic white tee (an item I actually do need MORE of--this one's from Madewell) was the mood I was in, and I threw on this sweater-card-shrug thingie I found via some random internet ads about 3 years ago and still actually really like. 

I got these Madewell booties 2 years ago and I have to say, they are great. Good price point, great quality and shockingly comfy. I noticed when cruising by recently they have similar pairs on sale this season if you're in the market. 

OutFIT or LeaveIT?: I'm pleased as punch with the jeans and will be wearing them again soon! Despite the fact that I love the cardi, it's showing some signs of wear, stretching out etc so it may not be long for this world. Or at least not for my closet. 

Lindsey KaufmanComment