Dressin' For Some Dim Sum

Whenever we meet up with my longtime friend Peter and his wife Chrissy, it's always for dim sum. We've tried many of the different places in Chinatown, which is also part of the adventure each time. Also, I generally have no idea what I'm eating so there's that too. 

Oriental Garden was the designated spot on this starting-to-get-kinda-wintry day. I threw on my favorite AYR jeans that definitely feel like wearing a soft cotton cloud. I grabbed a cowl-ish Free People top I've had for about 9 months and my favorite cognac colored Madewell booties. 

To top it all off, I put on this H&M robe coat I've had for 2 seasons. Yes, it's a fast fashion purchase, it's a great example of a GOOD fast fashion purchase. I bought it since that style was trending awhile ago but I didn't want to invest in a high-end version. The quality is better than expected and it's still in really good shape. It's proven to be a perfect transitional coat. 

Which is great, because if NYC specializes in anything, it's transitions. 

Thanks to Dan Palan for these photos! 

Lindsey KaufmanComment