In Hot/Cold Pursuit Of The Perfect Sweater

Ah, sweaters. Everyone is atwitter when the slightest chill hits the air, proclaiming "It's sweater weather!" Indeed, I used to be one of those proclaimers. Until I realized I was in a constant battle royale with those woven warmers. I am ashamed at the amount of sweaters I've owned and gotten rid of in my 17 year tenure on the East Coast. It's taken quite awhile but I've FINALLY figured out my personal sweater checklist. It must be:

  • Warm, but not too hot. Overheating on the subway is not cute. 
  • 0% wool. As in ZEROOOO. I've always known wool bothers my delicate flower skin. But I used to think "Oh 2% wool should be fine, it's only 2%—NO. It's not fine. I will itch myself until I implode. 
  • Bonus points for being long enough to wear as a tunic. Because: LEGGINGS. 

This Free People sweater checks every one of those boxes! I got it over 3 years ago while shopping with my college girlfriends, aka the toughest critics you will ever meet. Maybe that's why I still own it and love it? I paired it with my fave faux-suede Aritzia leggings that I could wear every single day if that was acceptable. 

I also bought these No.6 shearling clogs about 3 years ago when I realized you could actually keep your feet from going numb during February. Who knew! These are a bit of an investment but WELL WORTH it. They're extremely well-constructed too so they're built to last. 

And that's nothin' to sweat about. 




Lindsey KaufmanComment