It's A Fuzzy Cozy Fri-yay!


Sometimes the only way I can get motivated to brave the cold and get out of the house is to conjure up the coziest warmest items I have. I was going to meet my good friend Billy, a man of impeccable taste, for lunch in Soho so I couldn't show up in sweats, much to my chagrin. 

Luckily, this fuzzy sweater was poking out and I grabbed her up quickly. I must confess she's a more recent purchase as I am constantly on the hunt for warm yet stylish tops—why do I never have enough?? This one I found at Zara a few months ago and I've already worn it 5x, so I'd say it was a good buy. The velvet pants are JBrand, also a more recent purchase. In my defense, my friend Kate asked me to go shopping with her because she needed to refresh her wardrobe and wanted my help. We probably went to 10 stores in one day and these were the ONLY thing I bought--and they were ON SALE. I have nothing like them and sometimes in the dead of winter, ya just need a little pop of color on the bottom amiright?

The main goal of today was to find a way to make these Sam Edelman printed boots work. I bought them a year ago after noticing all my winter shoes were black brown or gray. EEK. I wanted to infuse some color and really loved these boots, but have felt a little challenged when It comes to styling them. This ensemble helped me get exited about them again. 

OutFIT or LeaveIT?: Welp, we know the top and pants are relatively new so obviously they stay. But I'm happy to say the boots are back in my good graces and I'm stoked to find more ways to wear them. 

Lindsey KaufmanComment