¡Viva Thanksgiving!

Hola from San Antonio, the place I was bred, buttered and tortilla'd! Home for Thanksgiving meant I had to take the challenge on the road. That's always extra challenging because I refuse to check a bag which means I cram everything into one carry-on so my choices needed to be on the thinner side and also not prone to wrinkling. Ain't nobody got time for ironing! 

I took this blush blouse with wrap detail I got last year at a fave boutique called Otte. I never thought I could wear this pale of a color with my skin tone but the pushy salesperson said I could. And I've honestly probably worn this baby about 60 or more times since! It's great under a blazer or on its own with jeans or pants. Here I paired it with my fave stretchy faux suede pants (see: leggings) from Aritzia. I have 3 pairs of these leggings in different shades of pleather and they are a godsend! Plus I needed stretchy for maximum guacamole-eating abilities. !Olé!

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