More Business PJ's? Okay!


In today's installment of Business Pajamas, we delve deep into how to style pants (that are secretly leggings) and disguise them with crisp, business-y seeming items. 

I found these Rachel by Rachel Roy legging-pants on GILT last year (of course) and loved the split-front flare hem. I figured it was another way to sell the concept of These? Leggings? Obviously NOT!  Then, I folded them in a drawer and forgot about them. There's another closet revelation: Not being able to SEE things leads to not WEARING them. I know, duh right? But it's amazing how many times I've found this to be true. 

To further throw people off the leggings scent, I paired them with a white blouse, also from GILT, about a year ago. I think I maaaaybe wore this top once? And now I know why. It wrinkles way too easily (FAIL) and the construction makes it surprisingly hard to work with. It wouldn't tuck in! (DOUBLE FAIL). So, while it doesn't look bad here, its OUT! 


This blush colored H&M blazer that I bought in an "emergency" situation a few months ago has proven to be a fantastic purchase and really helped pull this look together. A simple black choker and these snakeskin Isabel Marant Etoile low pumps (INA purchase from 1.5 years ago) topped it off pretty well I think!

OutFIT or LeaveIT?: Thank you for your service white shirt, but you have been relieved of your duties! SEE YA. 

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