Aloha, Maui!

We arrived in Maui today after a day and a half in Hana. We did the Hana Highway (famed "Road To Hana") which was amazing and took alllll day. I'm so glad Dan did excellent research to know we should book a room in Hana and stay for the night. If we had tried to drive back to Maui after all that...let's just say it would NOT have been good for our marriage!

We arrived at the Hotel Wailea, a magical boutique hotel I fell immediately in love with. I would stay here one schmillion more times! This morning in Hana we did two things we didn't get to the day before, a hike on the Pipiwai trail to the 400' Waimoku Falls and the Seven Sacred Pools (which I wanted to take a sacred dip in but sadly, that's no longer allowed).

The hike was beautiful and the Falls were amazing, but it left us sweaty and muddy. We did a superfast shower before leaving and I grabbed my go-to dress for such occasions: Show Me Your Mumu. 

Odd name but I did what they do! I found this dress in a pinch in New Orleans during our wedding weekend almost 2 years ago. It was humid and steamy and I didn't have an easy-breezy dress to run around in. I was instantly smitten with this little number and later adopted some of her sibling dresses. It's just the perfect piece-- great on its own or as a cover-up over a swimsuit. Cute with flip flops or heels. AND, no bra needed (if you're me)! Are you sensing a theme yet? 

Hotel Wailea was the first hotel to "lei us" and we were like excited little kids! I wanted to save my gorgeous orchids forever. And if you're in Maui, I HIGHLY recommend this hotel. The views, the service, the EVERYTHING was so top notch. I will definitely try my best to get back there. 

As for the MuMU, she stays until she decides she's had enough of me!

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