I really never thought I'd see the actual Banzai Pipline or Pipline beach, where surfers shred insane swells. But here we are on the North Shore of Oahu, soaking it all in! And yes, maybe Dan even got his camera a little soaked. Oopsie. 

We started our day at Pearl Harbor, as it happened to be Pearl Harbor Day which is also Dan's birthday. It's a nice piece of history but unless you're a buff, I'd say you can skip it! But we felt like it was too crazy to be there at that time so we went. CHECK!

Banzai/Pipeline beach was amazing as was the whole North Shore. Honolulu kinda feels like Vegas a little bit, so it was nice to experience this other part of the island. 'Cept for the traffic. That was the opposite of nice. But it was a warm, sunny day and it's VACAY so who cares?! I threw on this Free People tunic tank that I've had over 2 years now and worn so much it's starting to revolt! It's just so perfect to throw on with shorts or over skinny jeans. It even works as a cover-up! And the best part? No bra needed (at least for moi!). That's my jam.

Here I'm wearing it with some good ol' American Eagle white shorts that are nice n' stretchy. Later that day I proceeded to spill strawberry daiquiri on them and they were almost done for. Luckily I travel with detergent and stain stick. Huzzah! 

OutFIT or LeaveIT?: I looooove this top. I wish I had 99 more of them to wear every day of summer and on travels!

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