Merry Ugly Christmas!

I took the last week off from my closet while recovering from jetlag and enjoying the heck out of sweatpants. But on Christmas, I decided to put on semi-real clothes and found it was a perfect opportunity to wear this ugly(?) Christmas sweater. 


6 years ago when I first met my now husband Dan, I learned that he and his good friend who both have early December bdays throw a biennial (every other year) Ugly Sweater Birthday Party. This was before the whole Ugly Sweater concept became a mass-produced product. You actually had to search around for authentic Ugly Christmas gear! I found this on eBay and, upon wearing it, realized it's actually not that ugly! It's got a cute vintage snowy chalet cabin kind of vibe. Plus it's super soft since it's probably been around for 30 years. 

I put it on with my super-soft favorite splatter painted Citizens of Humanity jeans that I've worn one schmillion times. And, because it's ridicballs cold outside, I broke out these Uggs-that-aren't-Uggly that I got last year when we spent Christmas in Oxford, Mississippi. I didn't get to wear them a ton last season but I've already worn them 5 or so times this winter...and I forsee many more wears to come. Basically once it hits below 30 degrees on the thermometer, I don't go out in a non-fur/shearling boot. I discovered what it's like to not have your toes go completely numb for days a few years ago and I'll never go back. 

So with that I'll say Merry Christmas to all and I hope you ate and slept a ton! xoxo

Lindsey Kaufman