This Is 40?!

For quite awhile I've been dreading the big 4-0. I even made us travel across the globe so I could be somewhere else when it happened. And now that it's here, I really don't know what I was so scared of. I've never felt so profoundly grateful—for my family, and the friends I call my family. For what I've achieved. For my current place in life. For my partner Dan who makes every day a new wacky adventure. 


I've never felt more fulfilled, confident and content in my own skin. So aloha, 40. Looks like we can be friends. And if that doesn't warrant a jumping for joy on the beach shot, I don't know what does. 


This challenge has already opened my eyes to many things. I know not shopping is just not realistic, but making meaningful purchases is my main goal for the future. This hand-painted pareo is definitely in that category. I bought it at the Hanalei farmer's market from the loveliest woman. It will always remind me of this magical island (that I still kinda think is imaginary) and the memories made here. 

Lindsey KaufmanComment