Sweatshirts & Leggings & Boots Of Shear-ling...

...these are a few of my favorite things! (I hope you sang that with me). It took me a shocking amount of winters living here to find the perfect outfit equation to be warm, cute and comfy. I think I actually used to wear Converse during the cold months?! No wonder I couldn't feel my feet for days. If you have not-amazing circulation like moi, shearling or fur-lined boots are a revelation. Yes they're also usually an investment, but in the case of investing in not losing any toes to frostbite, I'm totally down. Also, they tend to last! I got these after envying my friend and fellow cold-footer Erica's Manitoba Mukluks. Mine were a little cheaper than hers and thus, have less support. They're basically like wearing warm slipper boots. Which I'm totally down with. 


A cute or embellished sweatshirt was a discovery I made about 2 years ago and one of them (by IRO) was a piece that helped launched this challenge, since I realized I was wearing it, oh, like errrryday. It seems like a no-brainer, but it's a great way to get style and warmth but without the overheating microwave effect a sweater can give. Also, have I mentioned my itch-aversion??


Stylish leggings are the 3rd winter essential. My fave are the faux leather/suede ones from Aritzia of which I have several pair (after realizing I was reaching for them almost every day). I've also spotted cute ones at Target, Old Navy and tons of other shops. If it's super cold, I throw a similar tone leg warmer over them and pull them up to my knees!

That's how this Texas flower survives winter. How about you? 

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