The Wear Your Whole Suitcase Challenge?

Today we set out to watch the sunrise from the legendary Halekala Volcano summit. While this might sound spiritual and glamorous (all definite possibilities) it gets off to a rough start because you have to leave Maui at 3am to get there in time. 

We also heard "it's cold." Of course we didn't bring our coats on this trip and weren't sure just how cold it could be. After all, we're New Yorkers. We know a frigid winter. What does "cold" mean to Hawaiians? Apparently it means HOLY CRAP IT'S SO FREAKING COLD HELPPPP.  

So the Wear Your Whole Closet Challenge quite literally became the Wear Your Whole Suitcase Challenge. I am so thankful I packed 2 hoodies AND a sweatshirt. I wore all of them. Plus my rain anorak. Plus my scarf wound around as many times as possible. And my baseball cap. Also, in a stroke of genius, I brought an extra pair of my cozy socks to wear as mittens. I have to say, this might have been one of my best ideas EVER. 

In passing, someone mentioned they told some visitors to bring trash bags to help block the wind. As we left the hotel we grabbed a couple thinking "we probably won't wear these." WRONG. I wore mine on the bottom like a potato sack and Dan wore his on top. The sunrise was spectacular and we loved the experience, but we both said if we ever come back to Hawaii we'd definitely bring a light puffy coat! There were several occasions we could have used it (like our doors-off helicopter tour of Kauai). 

So if you have plans to travel to Hawaii, heed my warnings. And beware what you pack—you just might end up wearing all of it. 

Lindsey KaufmanComment