A New Mauvement

Since blush was deemed the "new neutral" of this past spring/summer, I declare mauve should be the "newer neutral" for fall. It's not a color I own much of, but after putting this jumper on today, it just makes so much dang sense. 

I also wore this onesie today for a reason: I found her on my first trip to the Florida Keys this past January. It was nice and warm in lovely Key Largo during the day, but I was freezing at night and had packed zero pants. Genius. We went to a coffee shop one day and, lo and behold, it was conveniently connected to a cool surf store that had actual cute, extremely affordable clothing. {Cut to me ditching my family and disappearing for an hour.} I'm thinking about all of Florida today and sending so much love. The devastation there, and in my home state TX, is just too much to bear. 

Peek-a-boo backside!

Peek-a-boo backside!

I haven't worn this in awhile and, since my hard-core summer diet, I've lost a few lbs. I thought everything would mostly fit better, but this actually seemed a little droopy today. My friend/creative partner Monica (who also "gets" to take many of these daily pics of me) said she thought it looked good but possibly just needed a belt. Good call. I'm still on the fence as to whether or not this piece is flattering, but I do love its flow and of course, the color. I paired it with these nude Loeffler Randall wedges I saw on a girl's trip to Charleston, SC and then later bought using my bestie's discount on a certain site that shall not be named! I thought these blush fringe-y earrings I bought on the street in NYC somewhere brought the whole neutral look together. 


OutFIT or LeaveIT?: I'm on the fence with this one but since I wore it, I get to keep it and I'm going to! Also, I totally steamed it this am and it was already wrinkled by the time I got off the subway—not cool, onesie. Guess we'll meet again next season, mauve. Stay classy. 

Lindsey Kaufman