Mo' Cold, Mo' Layers

Greetings from the polar vortex! This last month of the challenge is really challenging me with its frigid temps and conditions, in terms of making it hard to, you know, LEAVE THE HOUSE. I'm beyond fortunate to be a freelancer and am currently working from home (hallelujah!), but sometimes going outside is still inevitable. 


Today, I decided to continue with my monochromatic layering theme, which also helped me to wear a lot of clothing I haven't yet. I started by digging through the scary abyss that houses my jeans (sidebar--I really need a better jeans system so I can see everything) and pulled out this pair of black J Brand skinny jeans. If you've been following me, you probably know of my love for J Brand. However I haven't worn these guys in a season and I wasn't sure why. Am I just over black jeans? Or was it the jeans themselves? I decided to find out.


For the top I grabbed this quasi sweatshirt (you know I love 'em!) I got about 5 years ago at Piperlime— remember that store?! RIP. It's something I've worn year after year because it's easy, comfy and the cute gold-flecked pattern makes it look like I tried! 

Layered on top of that is this beautiful faux-fur wrap my good friend Sue just brought back from Prague as a birthday gift for me. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but now I know: I'm going to wear the crap out of it! 

I fought the urge to wear my black fuzzy boots (again) and instead grabbed these cute pink embroidered Sam Edelman boots I got 1.5 years ago. I think it really made the outfit and gave it some extra pizzaz (said with jazz hands). 

This may be my last pic for awhile with this weather insanity! Stay safe everyone. 

OutFit or LeaveIT?: The jeans verdict is in: They're kind of stiff, not soft like I generally enjoy my jeans. Also, they're a little tight! So they---are---outta---hereeee! I may need to replace them, jeans, amiright?! But I will be sure to find a nice, cute and COMFY pair this time. 


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